What is aMED ?

The Silk Museum is involved in community work together with sister organisation aMED (“Association Mémoire et Développement”). 

Created in 2000, aMED aims to protect and enhance Lebanon’s natural heritage

  • Initiate pilot projects to allow schools, universities and municipalities to benefit from these experiences by working to protect and respect the environment
  • To cooperate with competent authorities to protect and develop our rural and cultural heritage through sustainable development
  • Restore, preserve and develop our living heritage of flora and fauna as well as our historical buildings
  • Look for ways to enhance and develop the culture of crafts


Founders of aMED

George Edward Asseily, Alexandra Asseily, Nicole Halim Fayad, Aziz Mikhael Torbey, Nicolas Said Fares.

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Members of aMED

Sarah Salem, Raymond Audi, Naila Kettaneh-Kunigk, Robert Asseily, Pierre Bassil, Nadia El-Khoury, Emile Issa, Aziz Koleilat, Zuheir Beydoun, Mounir Chammaa, Naila Saadé, Elie Asseily, Raphael Debbané, Farid Khoury, Sana Tawil, Francis El Khoury, Victoria El Khoury, Diane Fadel, Fady Bustros, Makram Zakkour, Atef Omaiss, Lina Gerges Maalouf, Edmond Smaira, Rami.


There are many other ways to support
and contribute to the Silk Museum.

We welcome your ideas and suggestions.
(e.g. creative ideas for new artisanal designs, exhibitions or activities)

Make a Donation

Cash or cheque to aMED, payable either at exhibition office or by mail to:

P.O.Box 113-5976
Beirut 1103-2090
E-mail amed@terra.net.lb



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