Welcome to the Silk Museum and its Gardens

Amongst beautiful olive groves, old stone terraces and gardens, discover the secrets of silk at The Silk Museum, Bsous, caza Aley ( SEE MAP )
Visit the Silk Museum and its gardens from early May until early November. 
Find ways throughout the Museum to link with the scented spice routes,
the famous ‘Silk Road’ and the ancient exchanges of silk between the land of the Cedar and the East and the West.

Starting May 1st … See you there

Marvel in the eco museum - a gentle reminder of the unique interaction between humans, insects and plants and the rewards that this has brought to Lebanon for hundreds of years.


Shop and browse in the boutique of local produce, various gift and the homegrown plant shop.


The Silk Museum was created by George and Alexandra Asseily.
It has become an important reference of ecological, cultural and economic history.
It is managed by the association Memory and Development.

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